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Meet the Authors!

Meet Abbey.  She married her best friend in August of 2008, in the pouring rain.  They welcomed their first daughter in September of 2010 and their second in September of 2011.  When Abbey first met her husband, she couldn't cook and was intimidated by the whole kitchen situation.  You would often find Abbey having kraft mac and cheese, hummus or cheese and wine for dinner.  Her husband taught her the basics and she has taken off.  Once he gave her permission that it was okay to screw up and if "all else failed, order pizza" that was all she needed.  You can now find Abbey shopping at Trader Joe's, target or publix with both babes in tow or at the farmers market with her huge double stroller.  Abbey and her family reside in Charleston, SC.

Meet Emily.  She is an Appalachian graduate and majored in business.  She works for a software company in tech support.  Emily married her best friend in March of 2011 and you can find them hanging out with their friends or traveling.  Emily has a nack for cooking, but rarely follows the directions, completely.  Her true passion is in baking and is in the process of perfecting her icing.  Her husband doesn't seem to mind tasting or trashing the kitchen in the process.  One of Emily's long term goals is to open up a cupcake store.  The couple reside in Raleigh, NC.

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