Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chicken and noodles

Hey friends, Abbey here!  Emily has had some many good recipes lately, so I thought that I would sneak one in :)

I literally made this up.  I need to go grocery shopping and this is what we had in the panty/ freezer.

First and formost, make sure you have an AWESOME sous chef that will "help" you and laugh at your bad dancing skill while cooking!

1 package of chicken strips
1 box of the archer farms (target) spaghetti pesto
1/2 of of frozen brocolli
1 egg
some milk
bread crumbs
marsala or some other marinade

I defrosted some chicken and marinaded it yesterday.  Our friends called and asked us to dinner, we don't turn them down :)  So it ended up marinading the chicken for over 24 hours.  But above (marsala) is the marinade (let's see how many times I can type "marinade in one paragraph!).  I used tupperware and put the chicken in there with the marsala cooking wine and added italian seasoning and some other seasoning, I can't remember- tyme maybe?  I don't know- just whatever smells good {grin}.  Let soak for as long as you can.
Tonight, I used 1 egg and a dash of milk and dipped the said chicken in it and then rubbed the bread crumbs on each strip.

Put the chicken over the spaghetti.  I have never fried chicken before and THANK goodness my hubby came in and saved the day- or chicken.  It was a little crispy :)

Serve the broccoli on the side.  

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