Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bloody Mary goodness

Hey friends, Abbey here!  I don't know if you know this or not, but my husband can cook!  I mean, the proof is in my hiney he is seriously good!  Besides his killer culinary skills, he can make a mean drink.  So add it the ingrediants to the grocery list and stop by the liquor store on the way!!

No better day for this than hump day:

Bloody Mary Goodness:
In a high ball glass add:
4 cubes ice
1 ounce pour (jigger) of Vodka of your choice
8oz can of V8 juice- original, not spicy
A generous squirt of Sriracha HOT chili sauce (you know that hot sauce with the green top and the roaster on the bottle)
1 squeeze of bottled lime juice or 1/2 of one lime (preferred)
ground pepper to taste
3 second pour (count it out) of Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce (the kind with the paper on the bottle and leave the paper really adds to the experience!!)
Mix all the ingredients together, and shake violently for 5 seconds. 
Garnish with two large green olives and a celery stalk from the heart of the plant.
Go grab your honey and have some couch time and relax!  (Frank says: “or better yet, a hammock and a fat cigar.)

Happy Wednesday!

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