Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trader Joe's quick dinner

Hey friends, Abbey here.  I wanted to share this super quick, cheap and easy meal.  It made me want to have it again the next night and the next.  But I refrained because when I do that, my hubby gets mad.  Boo.

Here we go:
~Trader Joe's goodies~
Frozen veggie burgers
Frozen Sweet Potatoes
Frozen organic broccoli
Flat burger buns

I steamed the broccoli, baked the fries according to the package (well, a little longer because we like them crispy) and I cooked the patties on our griddle.  I buttered the buns and thew them on the griddle also.  It was so cheap and somewhat healthy.  Of course we added pickles and mustard and ketchup.  The tomatoes I had went bad, but that was the plan to have them with the burgers.

I really need to start taking pictures for you guys!!


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